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How About A Reality Wedding?

Why does my wife and daughter insist on going out of the budget for this wedding? I gave a large enough allowance. I don’t understand the big deal with this ceremony. They have been living together for the past year. Suddenly, you would think it was a royal wedding. What I refuse to accept is their relentless desire to spend every penny I have earned. Money for wedding decorations, cakes, dresses and the list goes on and on. They could have gone to the justice of the peace, gotten it over with and used the money to continue building their lives together. After the ceremony all they will have are memories. They need bread and butter to survive. They probably are getting really frustrated with me. I just think I am being the only sensible one around right now. All they have are visions of a fairytale wedding dancing in their heads. Come back to reality. That is just one day. They have the rest of their lives to deal with afterwards.

Napkins might be the ticket

There is something unique and almost comforting about the feel of linen. When that linen bears the personal touch of a name or a treasured event, it touches the heart as well. When the gift has to have just the right feel, personalized napkins might just be the ticket. It’s personal and useful. It’s a way to touch people, leaving a mark, creating a memory. It’s a gift that provides a lasting impact of how special someone is. Because of the personal details that these napkins provide they are becoming more and more popular to include in table settings at events of celebration.

Invitations in a Song

Traditionally, as far as I know, wedding invitations have been some
form of letter stating whose getting married, where it’s happening and
when. It was quite shocking when I got one that wasn’t a letter. In
fact, the invitation was in the form of a mariachi trio who sang out
the invitation in the form of song! I was so flabbergasted that I
completely forgot to write down all the information they were giving
me. Luckily, the bride and groom must have planned for that to happen
and I was given a small piece of paper after the musicians were done
with all the relevant information on it.

Imagination and Sand

So I’m currently invested in this very cool TV show and one of the characters has a really awesome power. There was a giant demon sealed inside of his body when he was a child and as a result he has the power to control massive amounts of sand. He is very powerful in the show, almost unbeatable in a one on one fight. I just keep thinking how useful he would be in a sand ceremony or on the beach. Just ask him to make a full sized, lifelike sand castle to play in and boom, suddenly there’s one on the beach.

Low Calorie Favors

Normally, most of the foods at a wedding are fattening.  I suppose that you
think of a celebration of that caliber to be a time of indulgence.  It took me
one year to reach my weight goal for my ceremony.  Dropping those seventy-five
pounds has given me a new outlook on health and life.  I wanted to pass on some
of my knowledge to the family and friends who would attend my wedding.
Sometimes it is difficult to try to tell everyone how you did it.  They may
listen for a short while, but normally find it rather boring since they don’t
think it would work for them.  That is why I decided on a low fat homemade
granola for my wedding favors.  I included a note on the contents, told them I
at tons of it on my weight loss program and thanked them for being a part of my
life.  I hope they enjoyed it!

How to Sell a Dental Practice

Selling a dental practice can be profitable, especially when the demand is high. Some of the reasons for selling a dental practice include retirement, health issues, moving to another city or even returning to school or choosing another profession. Planning is the most important part when selling your practice. You need to plan the sale at least 1-2 years prior to the change. You should also discuss it with your CPA or your legal counsel to find out all the pros and cons of the transition. To attract buyers, improve the look of your practice by renovations or decorations. All your equipment should be in good working condition and everything should look great before you put your dental practice for sale.


Dental Practices and Memories

My father was a dentist. Not the most glamorous career, but I always looked up to him for it. He started out with a small practice in a cramped downtown office. As the business grew, he was able to expand and open up another two offices in the suburbs. And now he was putting up the dental practices for sale. I have many fond memories of walking to the downtown location after school. To this day, every time I have to solve any sort of math problem, I can hear the faint sound of a dentist’s drill in the background.

Research of a wedding

Doing research into all the aspects of a wedding while contemplating
your own lets you learn some rather unusual things. For example, I
never fully understood how the tradition of removing wedding garters
came to be. Historically, there was a belief that obtaining a garter
would bring good luck to the unmarried men. There was often a large
rush of men who would attempt to be the first to catch the
garter. This was obviously a unruly situation and the dress of often
destroyed as a result. Thankfully the removing of the garter is
reserved for the groom in this era. I’m quite grateful for that now
that I know what used to happen.

Personalized wine glasses

I wanted to include a personalized glass to go along with the wine wedding favors. After getting a few quotes for glass etching, I decided to undertake the project myself. How hard could it be? It turns out, quite hard. It wasn’t until I’d gone through two bottles of etching cream that I realized you’re supposed to create a stencil of your design. I’d been trying to do everything free hand. No wonder my attempts were disastrous! Now, the whole project may have ended up costing more than it would have to get the glasses done professionally, but, as I pointed out to my fiancé, I now have a new skill to draw upon.

Posing for the toppers

“How much longer do we have to stand like this?” I muttered out of the corner of my mouth.
“I have no idea,” Bill said with a shrug of his shoulders.
“Hey you! Quite fidgeting. You must stay perfectly still, if I’m to capture your essence.”
That last one would be Jean Claude. Bill and I are posing for our wedding cake toppers. We decided we wanted a realistic representation of ourselves on top of our wedding cake. Jean Claude came highly recommended. What we weren’t told, was what a stickler he is. We’ve been standing up here for four hours now, while he’s perfected his masterpiece.