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The Singapore Mission was a success!

The Singapore Mission was a success! Henry Golding and Irene Ang managed to sell 10,542 food hampers for the needy elderly. With a combined effort of charm, great selling skills and a whole lot of hard work, they were able to prove that Singaporeans have really big hearts.

Singapore has one of the fastest growing elderly populations in the world. Today, there are about 35,000 needy elderly in the country, many of who are left to provide for themselves. the most needy of this group live off as little as $300 a month, money that is barely enough for their food and basic necessities.

The mission: Pack and sell 5000 food hampers for the needy elderly.

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Cleaning, washing on concrete

When you look at your home or business you may not notice how much you need to clean the concrete. We did not realize how much we needed to clean our concrete at our home until we cleaned the office concrete. We thought why not see if it would make a difference. It really made a difference. When you do a concrete power washing austin you can get all of the spots up that give your concrete a non clean look. Once it gets power washed it has a clean and fresh look like it did when it was first poured. You can get the clean look you want and find our information online at It will surprise you how much of a difference the little details make in the curb appeal of your home or office. We like to do a good power washing twice a year on our home’s drive way. The power washing removes the grime and stains from berries and leaves as well as oil stains and makes everything have a neat and cared for appearance. The holidays are just around the corner which means we will be having a lot of company. Making everything fresh and clean is a part of our holiday preparedness.