Monthly Archives: September 2010

Search for glasses at lower cost

There are so many prescription eyeglass wearers. You do not have to look far to see several people wearing eyeglasses that would benefit greatly from the ability to buy eyeglasses at a lower costs. Fortunately for those of us that operate our household on a budget there is a place that we can order our eyeglasses online and save a lot of money. You can literally get prescription eye glasses at a fraction of the costs that you would normally pay. This online source for trendy and stylish eyewear has been the answer for many eyeglass wearers to be able to afford their eyeglasses in the designer styles. Even though Zenni Optical does not offer the much inflated name brands of eyeglasses they are able to offer the same styles because the make their own eyewear. This gives you style without costs and that is where the savings begins. Zenni Optical also has created a software that works with your iPhone so you can get your PD number for your eyeglasses order. You have to have that number so you can order your eyeglasses and they will fit you properly. The PD number is the measurement between the pupils center to center so you can imagine how important this number is. This means that customers are now able to order their eyewear online and save a lot of money doing it.

Women, prevalent in South American politics

In the news you will find all kinds of stories from women being more prevalent in South American politics to the soybean crops working to fill in on the shortages. You can also read about the two American women being freed from North Korea with the help of doug band. There is so much going on in our world that it is an important responsibility for everyone to read about the goings on and be informed. Things can change in a minute so being informed about what is current in the world news is a vital thing for people to do no matter where you live. News effects everyone directly or indirectly but we all feel the results good or bad.

Moving blankets help the things that move

It is amazing to see some of the things that people have to move. the office across from ours decided to change locations which made for some good entertainment on moving day. We told them we would help them with their large equipment. They had gone online and ordered all of the moving blankets that we needed. they even had a e track system and turnbuckles which made strapping everything down that much easier. They found everything they needed online so we were able to get them moved in just one day.

Blogging, publish and monetize

It is funny how time fly’s. I have been blogging since first of 2006. Not sure what is was back then, but everyone was doing it, there were millions doing it every day, blogging as much as five times a day. That could be a little much for blogging, well just maybe. So if you blog or I blog we are publishers. What ever we put in our blogs from videos or blogging about the latest video game we are bloggers and publishers. Publishing is fun at times, especially when I am taking part with social media marketing. This help distribute my published posts to the social media world.

Then to help us bloggers/publishers are those that want to help us make money with our published blogs. This is called monetizing your blog for most value. I can help to publish and exchange content with other publishers. The folks at IZEA can help you monetize your blog, your twitter stream and now your purchase checkins. I just love people that like to pay me for things I like to do. Now if I can find someone to pay me for using power and paying my hose note or may someone to pay me for paying my water bill. It could happen.